"With the rise of mental health issues and with the COVID pandemic forcing less and less interactions amongst co-workers and leaders, senior leaders in many organizations are suffering numerous new ailments and challenges. With this workplace scenario continuing to be a problem, as times progress with more and more complications arising, many leaders are reaching breaking points in their personal lives."

With no one to reach out to, many of these leaders may be suffering from what Nick Jonsson the Co-founder and Managing Director of Executives Global Network in Singapore, calls “Executive Loneliness” that arises when top executives are exposed to extreme and prolonged stress, resulting in an increase in anxiety, isolation, and depression.

On this episode, you will learn
✔︎ What is "Executive Loneliness" and how has the Pandemic caused us to make our mental and physical health a priority?
✔︎ Nick's story and why he is passionate about talking about what others would rather shy away from.
✔︎ What is "smiling depression" and how to recognize when change is needed for yourself, and others.
✔︎ 5 Steps to Recovery outlined in Nick's book "Executive Loneliness"
✔︎ Where to begin to make changes with our physical and mental health.
✔︎ What increasing your activity looks like and how to measure it.

Watch this interview on YouTube here https://lnkd.in/enTrW3Xj or listen here


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