World Kindness Day

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In 2020, I made a bold move to tell the world how executive loneliness a few years earlier drove me to a point of desperation - isolation, overweight, and heavy drinking, I became disconnected from people.

In becoming whole again, I realised that we become broken when we lack connectivity to others, and the relief is in sharing our burden.
I have inculcated this philosophy of connectivity throughout EGN Singapore (Executives'‚Äč Global Network) which became an exceptional place for business leaders in Southeast Asia at a time when we are forced to work from home and concentrate our external networks. My own journey of executive loneliness has given me the opportunity to empathise with what business leaders across the region are experiencing in the running of their companies. 
As such, I am truly honored and grateful to be part of the 50 Leading Lights in the inaugural Asia Pacific Kindness & Leadership awards recognising 50 phenomenal leaders in Asia who are harnessing the power of kindness to make a significant impact and to effect positive change.
As we celebrate World Kindness Day, I encourage all the leaders of today and tomorrow, no matter what role or background, to #leadwithkindness. Let us put kindness firmly at the center of our leadership and make the world a better place by promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness.


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